The internet is going crazy over the cute little polar bear cub that winks and stares at the camera.

Polar bears are like professional models because they don’t act scared when they see a camera. These beautiful, fluffy polar bears can pose naturally for the camera.

Humans just can’t get enough of how cute they are by nature. Their cute pictures have made them Internet stars.

This story is about a 14-week-old polar bear who lives with other animals and has a beautiful and fun life. The baby bear jumped on rocks, played hide-and-seek, ate pretzels, and excitedly explored the area while the camera was rolling.

At the Hellebrun Zoo in Munich, a picture was taken of the cute little polar bear. It is active and knows how to make the most of each day. Just Look! The baby gave a wink to the camera.

This little polar bear cub is in great shape and has a lot of strength and charm. Rasem Baban, who is in charge of the zoo, says that the animal weighs 8.4 kg, about 18 pounds.

The cute bear cub is the third child of Mama Bear Giovanna, who is 10 years old. The cub has twin siblings who are 3 years old. In 2016, the twins were taken to the Netherlands and Doncaster separately. Now that the cub is the youngest, its mother will give it all the love and care it needs.


We’re glad that the cub grew up to be a healthy, beautiful, and playful bear. He has been able to win his mother’s love and care and the love of everyone who works at the zoo.

“We’re happy to see how the bear cub is getting better daily,” Director Rasem said.

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