The little dog has been left behind in a world she can’t see. A guy changes everything for her.

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A woman in Mexico found a terrible situation three years ago while she was wandering around in a park near her home.

A puppy was standing alone next to a chain-link fence, cold. The fact that she knew the helpless puppy had been left to fight for itself in a world she couldn’t see made her sadness even worse.

When looked at more closely, the dog’s eyes were missing.

The woman who saw the dog couldn’t get her home by herself, so she made a plea for help on Facebook.

That’s when Mauricio Perez first learned about what was going on.

“I went to find her without hesitation,” Perez said in an interview. She wasn’t very fat. Her bones were clearly visible.

But everything changed at that moment.

Perez took the scared puppy in his arms and took it home.

Perez said, “My girlfriend helped me bathe her, and then we went to the vet.” “The veterinarian made it clear that she had an injury or an infection that wasn’t treated, and that she wasn’t born blind.” I think her previous owners hurt her, but we can’t be sure.

Even though there was no way to make the dog see again, Perez promised to fix her soul.

The dog’s name was Concha, and Perez worked to earn her trust.

According to Perez, it was a process. “Every day we stroked her until she started to feel less scared. This gave her time to understand that she was safe.”

Over time, Concha’s fear went away, and she felt confident and at ease instead.

The loving light has made Concha’s world bright.

At first, Perez gave Concha a “halo” gadget to help her avoid hitting things as she got used to her new surroundings. She quickly learned how to get around the house without it, though.

“She knows where every door and piece of furniture is,” Perez said. “She knows where her food and water dishes are.” She is very smart. She doesn’t look like she’s blind.

But Concha always knows where love is.

“She likes being with other people,” Perez said.

Concha has been left to deal with the outside world on her own for three years. She doesn’t look much like the person she used to be now that Perez loves and cares for her.

“She is doing very well, she is happy, and she is healthy,” Perez said.

Like he did with her, Concha had found a friend for life in Perez.

“Concha means so much to us,” Perez said. “She changed our lives.” I’m glad we were able to change hers.

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