The stray puppy is worried about shelter, finding the warmness and comfort of a birth scene.

It is almost impossible to know how many dogs live on the streets today, but when considering the recent statistics from the ASPCA, there are nearly 4 million stray dogs in the United States alone. During this time of year, the temperature drops significantly and many dogs are at serious risk. Unluckily, there is not much these dogs can do to spend warmth and comfortable life on the streets!

Stray dogs are looking for warm places that can serve as temporary shelters to protect them from the cold. That’s why the poor puppy in the photos below has used a Christmas nativity scene to get a comfortable sleep. The German shepherd, who has curled up against the baby Jesus, didn’t go unnoticed. It took place in the city of Santa Catarina, Brazil, and everyone was amazed by this scene that perfectly illustrates the Christmas spirit.

The heart-touching sight caught the eye of many. Although it has not yet been confirmed that this is true, there are many rumors on the internet that someone in the crowd ultimately decided to raise a poor dog and offer him a beautiful, warm, permanent home. They are so unbelievable that every dog deserves love and care. We hope this German shepherd has a happy place to call home and a loving family that is sure to meet all his needs.

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