Shelter Doggo hugs everyone hoping someone will adopt him

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This story is about a five-year-old shelter dog named Toro. He is hugging everyone he meets, hoping for adoption. This made a huge impression on social media. Judging by the gentleness he shows every person he sees. You might think he was always with love and devotion. But it was actually quite the opposite!

When the Hempstead Animal Shelter rescue team found him, the friendly dog was chained at an abandoned house with two other dog buddies. The way the three dogs were looking to get out the sense they had been kept outside for years. But despite the dogs being treated that way, didn’t stop them from wagtails when meeting the rescue team. And Toro above other dogs just started to hug every member of the rescue team. It was so obvious then as now that this adorable dog has such a soft soul.

According to a member of the Rescue Team Melissa Fogarty, When Toro first comes in, he was pretty anxious, the hugging happened, perhaps within 15 minutes of having him out released in the rescue side play yard. He just kind of brought up to Melissa, jumped on Melissa’s lap, and pressed himself against the chest. The dog grew and now he hugs all his companions in the Hempstead Animal Shelter.

Once adorable Toro came in at the shelter, his friendly and loving nature did not change. On the contrary, every time someone stepped inside the shelter, Toro just met them with his arms wide open. Every time Toro comes out of the doghouse, his first reaction is to hug lovely the person walking him, and anyone, indeed, Toro comes in contact with!

But despite being such a soft soul, Toro is still hoping for someone to adopt him, almost a year after he got rescued from the abandoned house. Melissa honestly believes Adorable Toro hasn’t been adopted because he’s a middle-aged dog in a high-intake local shelter. Adorable Toro gets lost in this ocean of dogs that don’t show well in the doghouse.”

Let’s help this adorable dog to find a loving and caretaking family, just as he is!

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