These Two Russian Internet Famous Cats Have The Most Intriguing Eyes

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In today’s world, almost everyone uses social media, and dogs increasingly have profiles that are controlled by their owners. This is a growing trend among pet owners to devote their attention to their dogs and their life on the internet. This is a story of a pair of incredible Russian cats and their remarkable eyes, which everyone is raving about.

These two cats, Xafi and Auri, are grey domestic cats that have amassed over 100,000 Instagram followers. They have gorgeous grey fur coats and wonderful green eyes that captivate anybody who sees them. To read the remainder of the tale and see their photos, scroll down.

These two are raised by their human owners, Annaken and Tim. Because the cats appear to be almost similar, the owners distinguish them using minute factors such as the length of their ears and the shape of their bodies.


Their proprietors manage and update Auri’s and Xafi’s social media pages regularly. Previously, their poses were not very Instagram-friendly. But, as time went on, they became more at ease and amusing in front of the camera. Tim and Annaken used to try to make their cats pose for shots, but now they want their cats to be in their natural state since the images are more ‘organic.’


In 2018, they welcomed a new member to the family in the form of a cat. ‘Errol,’ a Somalian cat, joined the gang and fit right in. Errol, like the twins, is now an Insta-famous cat!


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