There is a place in Austria that is a dry park in the winter and a 10m deep lake in the summer

In Austria, there is a park that is dry in the winter and a lake that is 10 metres deep in the summer.

In the beautiful landscapes of Styria, Austria, there is a secret gem that defies expectations. It is a place where nature creates a tapestry of wonder that looks like scenes from a Studio Ghibli masterpiece. Look at Grüner See, which is a park in the winter and a lake in the summer. It’s a strange sight that will stay in your mind.

When it’s cold outside in the winter, Grüner See looks like an ordinary park that fits right in with its surroundings. But as the seasons change and summer heat spreads across the land, an amazing change takes place that turns this peaceful oasis into a shimmering water world.

The emerald-green waters of Grüner See give it its name. It rises from the melting Hochschwabb Mountains, which make a magnificent background for this amazing show. As the frost of winter gives way to the soft touch of spring, the snow-covered hills let go of their icy grip, letting waterfalls flow into the basin below.

Underwater: This picture shows scuba diver Marc Henauer exploring the beautiful Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria, which floods every year

An area of land that used to be a lush park is now covered in clear water that rises up to 12 metres deep, giving way to the forces of nature. A peaceful underwater scene appears, complete with a submerged bench, a bridge, and large areas of watery plants that remind us of the park’s land form. It’s like a scene from another time and space.

While the beauty of a lake in the summer is appealing, Grüner See’s icy depths do not lie. The water, which is made from melting snow, stays very cold, discouraging everyone but the bravest swimmers. But for people with diving gear, there is an experience from another world below the surface: an immersive exploration of a submerged ghost park where sounds from the real world mix with the peace of the water.

There are two parts to Grüner See: a park and a lake. The way they are placed together shows how creative and changing nature is. The fact that it is temporary but deep tells us of the fleeting beauty in the world and makes us want to treasure every moment.


Walking through the green landscapes of Grüner See, visitors see an amazing show that goes beyond the everyday. It’s a reminder of how beautiful nature is. With each changing of the seasons, Grüner See is a powerful reminder of how life is always changing and starting over.


There are many amazing things in the world, but Grüner See is one of the most enchanting places. It’s a place where dreams come true and reality and fancy become one. If you go to Grüner See, you’ll be able to experience a world where the lines between land and water don’t exist. This is a world of unmatched beauty and wonder.

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