Giant wolf sits down next to this woman, now watch the moment when their eyes meet

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The giant wolf sits down next to the woman. Now, watch as their eyes meet.
Many people, including myself, would be very scared to meet a wolf in real life because they have a reputation for being mean and dangerous.

In the beginning, you saw a big grey wolf walking with Danielle. Its name is Kekoa, which in Hawaiian means “brave one.”

Kekoa isn’t quite like other wolves, and many people think she’s like other wolves.

She still wants people to respect her, but she also seems to respect people a lot, especially a woman named Danielle.

In the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Centre, which is close to Colorado Springs, Kekoa has a great time.


Just like the other animals at the refuge, she lives there because she can’t survive in the wild.

Danielle works at the animal shelter and has become very close with the big wolf.

I was shocked the first time I saw Kekoa and Danielle playing together. When you see how big Kekoa is compared to Danielle, it’s a beautiful and strange sight.

Not only does he look brave and good, but he’s also a big kid. He is about 7 feet tall when he puts his front paws on someone’s shoulders and weighs 115 pounds.

And just when you think you’ve seen everything, Sakura, another wolf, shows up and wants to hug too.

In a conversation with The Dodo Wildlife Centre, Michelle Smith, a staff member, said:


“Being bottle-fed and raised by people from the time he was born, he is very well socialised, which means he likes being around other people.” This is not the same as tame or tamed. He acts like a “wild” animal sometimes, like when he’s with his sister. This is not how a wolf would act in the wild.

What a great movie clip this is:

Wyoming hasn’t had wild wolves since the 1940s, but it looks like they’ll be back soon.

More than 40,000 people a year go on trips with the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Centre to learn about wolves and how important they are to ecosystems.

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