A man is recording millions of monarch butterflies making different & rare sounds on earth.

When it comes to attractive things, nothing goes beyond the nature. It seems to give us not only the most dramatic landscapes or strange-looking animals, but even every hum on the earth. A man has recently recorded millions of butterflies fluttering their delicate wings, and the sound they make is something you have never heard before!

From the video below, listen carefully to the sounds these butterflies make.

Butterflies are certainly the most fascinating creatures on our planet, and the monarch butterfly is certainly the most fascinating species. In winter, these beautiful creatures make the largest migration on Earth. Millions and millions of them travel to Mexico and California to enjoy the hot gum until spring arrives and they all return home.

Recently, Phil Torres, a nature enthusiast, wondered, “How many butterflies do you need to make a noise in the forest?” He quickly got his answer – millions of them. Needless to say, the sound they make is not in this world. Phil captures on camera a huge herd of monarchs fluttering their wings in a Mexican jungle, and the result is no surprise!

Unfortunately, these amazing creatures – and many others – are listed as an endangered species. Sadly, with climate change and the use of pesticides, the royal butterfly population has dropped by less than 25% in the last year alone.

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