Fishermen Rescued A Helpless Deer In The Middle Of The Ocean

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People never expect a deer to come across when fishing, Right? Well, if you believe it or not, that’s happened to these tree fishermen, when they are fishing lobsters in the middle of the sea. Fortunately, it was a happy ending for the helpless deer!

Ren Dorr, The Captain of the “Ryss & Stace” fishing boat was just about 5miles off the coast of Maine with 2 other fishermen when discovered a deer struggling to keep its head on the surface. Evidently, the fishermen were surprised by such an unexpected sight, without a second thought, they jumped into the ocean to save the poor deer. However, it became a very hard rescue mission, since the poor animal was terrified. But finally, the fishermen managed to take it onto the boat and save the poor deer’s life.


According to one of the fishermen named Jared Thaxter, they had to circle a few times to get a hold of deer and they grabbed him by the spikes, perhaps a leg or 2, and just pushed him in.”

Once The fishermen were brought the drowning deer aboard safely, the boat crew headed onshore to release it back to the wild. the boat crew said, “It certainly valued the time and deer rescue attempt, and who can let suffer like that when can easily aid!”

The captain of the boat has later shared a few pictures of the impressive rescue on social media and his post quickly went viral. “Fishermen sighted this adorable deer five miles away from the land. Couldn’t let this poor deer drown to sea, so fishermen brought poor deer aboard and sailed him a half-hour to the land. Then dropped him off on the beach! And navigated back out to haul!”

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