Watch as huge polar bears play with sled dogs in an exciting friendship (video).

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Even though they look cute and friendly, polar bears are not meant to be pets. Now for sled dogs? It seems crazy to us that they might want to cuddle up to each other. But after watching the following educational films, we see a relationship form that is unlike any other.

In the movie below, the commentator stresses how important it is to stay away from these huge polar bears. Even though they are beautiful, they are very powerful compared to everything else on Earth. It’s clear that he’s staying more than 70 feet away from the polar bear. Furthermore, he not only stays away, but also tries to teach the polar bear to do the same. If polar bears got too close, the man would put cracker shells nearby to scare them away.

“A 12 gauge cartridge designed and manufactured principally for use in scaring and dispersing birds and other animals and containing a projectile that explodes,” says Law Insider.

After that, the film shows the amazing bond between these sled dogs and this huge polar bear. It’s really shocking to see these two very different animals getting along so well. Let’s look at how these animals are different in size.

How big is a polar bear?

Bears like these grow to be 2 to 2.5 meters (6.5-8.3 feet) tall and weigh between 150 and 600 kilograms (1,322 pounds).

The fact that polar bears are the world’s biggest bears doesn’t surprise us.

How big do sled dogs get?

Sled dogs usually weigh between 44 and 55 pounds (20 to 25 kg).

Of course, you can see that these two animals are not the same size. Even when it’s fully grown, the polar bear weighs 1,267 pounds more than the sled dog. We think it’s pretty amazing.

As the video goes on, another polar bear gets in on the fun. The polar bears are playing with the sled dogs, and we see them biting and roughhousing with each other. The announcer talks about how friendly polar bears are. That’s easy to believe, too, as the movie below shows.

The Life of a Polar Bear: Surviving in the Arctic

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