Heartwarming Reunion Of Stolen Husky After Two Years.

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A heartwarming story turned into an epic reunion among a lost dog and the loving owner who never stopped seeking him. After more than 2 years, restlessly seeking, and tons of expectations, the 2 have finally met each other once again!

Kameroun Mares and her beloved puppy had first met in 2013. Back then, the Adorable Husky was just a little cub and Kameroun was looking for a friend more than ever as she was struggling with a serious form of cancer. She named her adorable husky mate, Semper Fidelis, that’s means ‘Always loyal’ in Latin. Adorable Semper had been always loyal to the woman that loved and taken cared for him more than anything on this planet.

However, in 2016 a terrible thing happened. Kameroun had to move to California to pursue her cancer treatment. So, she left beloved Husky in the care of her roommate. But in a little while after she got a call and that call left her in tears. Her beloved little buddy had gone missing!

Kameroun had intensely tried to find adorable Semper. She posted announcements and flyers everywhere, including social media and other online platforms, but it seemed that her beloved dog disappeared. Luckily, Kameroun never lost her hope of finding Semper, and a year after the dog has gone missing, she never gave up her hope. Kameroun even reaches out to a private investigator, Ana Campos for finding Semper. It’s when Kameroun discovered something extremely strange.

For a year, Kameroun continued the search while in California, posting up flyers via pet websites, calling 15 veterinary places around where she used to spend time over there about him, calling the humane society about Semper. When Kameroun asked Ana Campos for more help finding Semper. Ana is a private investigator. So, Ana suggested checking Kameroun’s AKC Reunite chip again. So, Kameroun went to the humane society again in May 2017 and checked. That is when Kameroun found out that, a woman added her name to Semper’s AKC Reunite chip in April 2016.

It turned out the AKC Reunite company microchipped Semper the second time. They never checked if Semper had a Reunite chip or a previous owner already. In a little while after, Adorable Semper was listed for sale on Craigslist for $200 and that’s the reason Semper had never come back.

But in the end, after 2 and a half years and a lot of crying, Kameroun and adorable Semper were about to see each other in a truly emotional reunion.

Watch that emotional reunion moment, here:

Kameroun’s ex-roommate had brought and finally sold Semper. So, her roommate has stolen and sold Adorable Semper, 2 1/2 years ago.

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