Kindness costs nothing, Proven by this officer When he sheltered stray dogs

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You may hear the famous quote, “Kindness costs nothing” Even the smallest action can be life-changing for anyone in need of aid. Since social media is not just a place for terrible things, but also for heartening and inspirational stories, it is no question this beautiful snap of a caring police officer, sharing his umbrella with a couple of street dogs, went viral on social media.

The wonderful moment, captured on camera by a photographer. Then, The photo shared online by the Kolkata Police Department, India, and the world has purely fallen in love and compassion. This photo, shows the police officer sheltering the two street dogs, under his umbrella, during a massive rain. “The photo was taken near Park Circus seven-point crossing, featuring on-duty Constable Tarun Kumar of East Police Traffic Guard, and his unexpected friends,” the Kolkata police wrote in a Facebook post.

Tarun Kumar, an officer with the Kolkata Police India, was directing traffic on one of the city’s roads. The police officer was sitting in the heavy rain, with an umbrella in his hand, when an unexpected two street dogs, looking to shelter from the massive rainfall, approached him. Obviously, the police officer was more than glad to share his umbrella with the adorable street dogs. Thanks to his gentleness, he’s now praised as a hero all over social media.

The photographer, Sayan Chakraborty, was in the right place at the right time, to take the uplifting moment on camera. The photo, initially shared on Facebook by the Kolkata Police Department in India, gained thousands of reactions all over the world, with so many people showing their gratitude for the police officer’s acts of kindness.

“What a hard work!!” one person wrote on Facebook. “On duty in the middle of rain when we are safely in our home, and protecting two innocent street dogs.” While another one added: “My Salute to a real-life hero!”

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