What happens if you adopt a Bear

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Almost everybody has pet dogs at their residences to enjoy and be loved. Who would adopt a BEAR inside their home? Satisfy this Russian couple, the Panteleenkos. Svetlana and Yuriy have a huge heart that they located the bear as a cub 23 years ago in a state that they didn’t want it to be laid off for the seekers to be discovered.

The cub was around 3 months of age when it was taken under the care of the Panteleenkos. The couple conserved, brushed, and supported the cub, offering it a name. The cub obtained called Stephan! Currently, 23 years later, the bear is a grownup of significant size. But it still hangs and lives about with Yuriy and Svetlana. Have a look at these incredible images of Stephan being a cute pet dog with two of his much-loved human beings, as well as share your ideas with us in the remarks area below! More details & Photo courtesy: medvedstepan.ru

Stephan is now a full and fluffy produced bear considering over 300 extra pounds and standing around 7 feet in height. The Panteleenkos is still the helpless little cub they found in the woods 23 years ago.

Stephan likes to eat a lot of fish, milk, and egg, in some cases as much as 25kg in food daily. He also loves to play around with his adoptive parents and also to pose for pictures! He has never been acting aggressively. He loves to cuddle next to his adoptive parents and watch TV together.


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